Depression in Men

It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a fact. Guys get depressed. Depression affects millions of men every year, and is the leading cause of disability worldwide.
— Headsupguys

Men, if you suspect that you have Depression, take action and seek help -  talk to someone about it. Depression is a real medical illness, not a weakness, so don't solve it on your own. 

Being self-reliant or ignoring Depression will only make things worse. This website can be a guide for you: providing you with the tools and information about Depression, professional services available in Singapore as well as stories from men with Depression. Learn about how they deal with Depression. 

But where to begin? It starts with you recognizing Depression, which will put you in the driver's seat, and that's how you can begin to deal with Depression directly.

It takes time. It takes strength. And most of all it takes courage. But know that it is possible to be On The Mend for Depression.