men on the mend



When Depression hit right on the second day of enlistment in national service, Anthony started to have extremely well thought out plans on how to harm himself and how to end his life. 

Developing such uncommon thoughts was terrifying for him. Although he confessed having had suicidal thoughts during his junior college days, it was never so elaborate - it was never to the extent of planning every single step to make sure his suicide plans would be successful....


chia xun an

“Not everybody may be supportive or may walk with you but you are never truly alone - you will never walk alone.”

At the age of 10, Chia Xun An found himself sitting against a wall at home, crying and banging his head on the wall. He knew that something was amiss with the way he was acting but could not stop himself. His parents then brought him to a child psychiatrist who diagnosed Xun An with depression. Growing up with it, the illness resulted in Xun An missing out on school very often and even his O’ levels later on, making it difficult for him to connect with his same age peers.

To add to the pain, Xun An was...